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We also open for our wildly popular special Valentine's event, "50 Shades of Fear" as well as many other special dates throughout the year such as Friday 13th and more. By the '50s, filmmakers began to play around with established zombie film standards. They experimented with the method of turning people into zombies, for instance.

The apocalyptic scenario of a planet overrun by murderous zombies in movies like The Last Man on Earth and Invisible Invaders and, to an extent, the Red Scare-inspired Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the dreamy Carnival of Souls helped inspire a young filmmaker named George A.

In , Romero released his directorial debut, Night of the Living Dead , which would go on to revolutionize zombie movies as we know them. While he borrowed some elements from earlier films, Romero created certain behaviors and rules that would render his living dead the model for zombie films for the next three decades.

First, the zombies were driven by an insatiable hunger to eat the living. Second, the zombie attacks were shown in explicit detail, ushering in an era of heightened cinematic gore. Third, zombies could be killed only by damage to the brain. Fourth, zombiism was contagious and could be spread by a bite.

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One major difference from early, classic zombie lore was the shift away from voodoo and the concept of a master controlling the living dead. Other elements that weren't necessarily originated by Romero but which became a part of the Romero-esque zombie tradition included: slow, unbalanced movement, an apocalyptic nihilism in which mere survival is a victory and the treatment of zombiism as a plague. Romero would add to his legacy with several sequels, beginning with 's Dawn of the Dead— which upped the explicit gore ante even more—and 's Day of the Dead.

In the 21st century, filmmakers have increasingly toyed with zombie movie conventions. Some, like Resident Evil and House of the Dead , have found inspiration in high-octane video game action.

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Others, like 28 Days Later and I Am Legend , have used contagious diseases that create zombie-like states. Lighthearted films like Shaun of the Dead and, meanwhile, have coined the term "zombie comedy," or " zom com ," while others, like, have taken it a step further with a romantic angle that pushes them into "rom zom com" territory. And movies like Diary of the Dead and The Zombie Diaries have merged zombies with the other ubiquitous 21st-century horror trend: the " found footage " format.

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Today, zombies are more popular than ever, with t-shirts, toys, video games, and other merchandise flooding the marketplace and becoming one of the most watched shows on television.